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Game Dev: Horror Crunchulator is a crazy scary game about the crunch culture in the games industry. 

  • Explore an abandoned games studio and uncover the fate of its missing employees. 
  • Face the inescapable terrors of working in the games industry. 

Download the demo and be one of the few to see where wondrous worlds are made and lives are destroyed. 

Release trailer:

Announcement trailer:


GameDev_HorrorCrunchulator.zip 288 MB

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i really enjoyed this game with some of the humour it had and i never knew what was coming next i liked the puzzle added in and some of the jumpscares where really well done the voice acting was really well dont i cant wait to see what this full game will be like.

Thanks so much for playing! Love your video! :)

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thank you for making the game it was fun to play Glad you enjoyed the vide

we had fun with this. It was cute and spooky and very A peeling 🍌 lol banana pun. 

Love your puns! :) Thanks so much for playing! 

Your welcome!